A Cultural Tour of Saint Tropez

on Wednesday, 15 October 2014.

St Tropez is renowned to be one of the most luxurious destinations on the French Riviera.  Over the years, many tourists and famous people have strolled along the narrow cobbled streets, in between the tall houses and walked along the famous ports. The scenery of St Tropez is simply stunning, with colourful and old Provençal architecture, it is no wonder so many seek to purchase St Tropez real estate as a second home. Seeing as this is the case, here are the four cultural must-sees of Saint Tropez and the reason many choose to buy there.


1. Place des Lices

A square in the heart of the old town, Place des Lices is the venue for Saint Tropez’s open-air market, which takes place every Tuesday and Saturday from 8:00-13:00.  Before turning into a meeting point in the 1800’s for craftsmen and vendors to sell their goods and local produce, Place des Lices is said to have used as a jousting ground (Lices: Jousting). 

Saint-Tropez - Vue generale eglise phare

2.     2. Chapel St. Anne

Construction of Chapel St. Anne on Mount Pécoulet began in 1618 and it has become known as the ‘mecca’ of Saint Tropez. In the beginning of the nineteenth century, sailors visited Chapel St. Anne before setting out for a long haul journey at sea. The chapel is only open on three days of the year, May 18th (last day of Bravades), July 26th (St Anne’s day) and August 15th (Assumption). If you cannot make it during this time, the visit is still worthwhile as from the top of the chapel you can check out the natural scenery and witness beautiful views of the colourful St Tropez properties and the Mediterranean Sea.

 3. Old Port

If you are visiting Saint Tropez on your yacht or by sailing boat, you will most likely anchor at the notorious ‘Vieux Port’. Boats big and small display themselves at one of the world’s most renowned berths. Witness luxury yachts up to 60m being showcased in the summer, and beautiful regatta sailing yachts in the month of September, competing in ‘Les Voiles de Saint Tropez’. As well as fishing boats and megayachts, you will find local artists displaying their artwork along the port.

St Tropez

4.     4. Musée Annonciade

‘Musée Annonciade’, located in a renovated chapel, holds some incredible artwork from the 19th and 20th Centuries. At the time, Saint Tropez was a world renowned cultural art centre that gathered the likes of Paul Signac, as well as some of the greatest avant-garde painters, Matisse and Braque. The museum is open everyday in the morning, and every afternoon except for Tuesday.

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Contact the St Tropez tourist office for further details on these four cultural sites.